Names of Machines Maker's Name Working Width
Digital Printing Machine MS 3200mm
Singeing Machine Poong Kwang 2800mm
C/Bleaching Babcock 2600mm
Knit Bleaching Bruckner 1200mm
Mercerizing Benninger Zell 2800mm
Pad Batch Kuester 3000mm
Thermosole Babcock 2800mm
Washing range Babcock 3200mm
i - Match Data Colour N/A
Laser Exposing Smartlex Stork 3200mm (2 Machines)
Novajet Stripping Machine Nova 3200mm (2 Machines)
Sample Table (Manual) Reggiani 2800mm (2 Machines)
Rotary Printing (21 Color) Reggiani 1850mm
Rotary Printing (12 Color) Reggiani 2800mm
Rotary Printing (UNICA 15 Color) Reggiani 2800mm
Steam Ager Artos 2800mm
Steam Ager Babcock 3000mm
Raising Machines China 2000mm (6 Machines)
Raising Machines China 3200mm (11 Machines)
Slitting Machine Bianco 2800mm
Stenter Artos 2400mm
Stenter Artos 2200mm
Stenter Artos 1800mm
Stenter Babcock 2800mm
Stenter Babcock 2800mm
Stenter Reggiani 3000mm
Stenter Reggiani 3200mm
Stenter Monforts 3000mm
Sanforizing Monforts 1800mm
Calander Ramisch Guarneri 3200mm
Calander Local 3000mm
Calander Local 2800mm
Emerizing Machine Sucker Muller 1800mm
Double Fold Block On Board Machine Taiwan 2600mm
Jiggar Local 3000mm
Winches Local 350 Kg (3 Machines)


Names of Machines Maker's Name Power
Gas Generator with Heat Recovery Waukesha 1100 K-Watts (2 Generators)
Diesel Generator Caterpillar 1000 K-Watts
Diesel Generator Perkin 400 K-Watts
Solar Plant LG 20 K-Watts
Steam Boiler with Economizer Thermax 9 Tons/Hour
Steam Boiler Ghon Thomson Chochran 13 Tons/Hour
Oil Boiler Bono 2.2m Calories/per hour
Reverse Osmosis Plants Imported 120,000 Gallons/day (2 Plants)